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Why couples counseling can make things WORSE

Have you tried couples counseling and it didn’t help?  Even worse, it harmed the relationship?  Since that experience with therapy, perhaps the conflict or distance remains the same; or perhaps the relationship has been deteriorating.  You may even be desperate for help.  You sometimes think about returning to counseling but haven’t because it didn’t work […]

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You’re the ‘perfect’ couple, so why are you thinking about divorce?

Do others perceive you two as the ‘perfect’ couple yet behind closed doors it’s far from perfect? Perhaps, you have successful careers, a big, beautiful home in Basking Ridge, high achieving children but you’re not happy. Maybe there’s lots of arguing over big decisions AND petty items. Maybe you or your partner gives the silent

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How to Sidestep Defensiveness

There is nothing quite like defensiveness to take a conflict from a minor disagreement to a full blown argument.  Have you ever experienced something like the following scenario?  You are feeling frustrated with your partner because they didn’t let you know they were running late coming home from work. When they walk in the door an hour later than expected, you are angry and

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