Date Night Ideas

Do you have a date night but are getting bored with dinner and a movie?  Here are some fun ideas to keep you in connection with each other.

  • Go to an arcade or boardwalk and play those games with each other that you haven’t played since you were dating: skee ball, air hockey, PacMan.
  • On a map of a state or country you’ve lived or traveled, highlight all the towns and sites you visited together.  Bring your map to a coffee house and reminisce together.
  • After the kids have gone to bed, dust off photo albums containing pictures of when your relationship first began.  Spread a blanket on the living room floor and pour over them.
  • Keep affection alive in your marriage by making time for non-sexual touch: a back massage, foot massage, cuddling, or holding hands in public.
  • Hire a chef to come to your home, cook a full meal, serve it to you, and do all the cleanup.  Enjoy time with each other and not have to lift a finger or drive home.
  • Listen to music from your teenage years or download a routine from your favorite comedian and go parking at a scenic spot.

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