What Makes Couples Therapy Center of NJ Different?

What Results Can I Expect and What Methods Do You Use at Couples Therapy Center of NJ?

What kind of people typically come to the Couples Therapy Center?

Our clients are individuals or couples who know the value of investing time and money into their own personal growth.  The people who come here are typically married (or want to marry) and have children (or want to have children) and are professionals, executives or entrepreneurs.  Here at the Couples Therapy Center, we handpick the people we accept as clients because we are looking for those who know that learning and growth are an important part of adulthood.  We only work with individuals and couples like yourself who are ready to make changes.  We don’t work with those people who complain and aren’t going to implement what they are learning here.  Our clients are people like you, who cannot tolerate living the way they are any longer and are ready to do what it takes to create healthier, happier relationships.  As a result of that, they meet their goals, get great results, feel loved by, and connected to those around them, and generally lead more joyful and fulfilling lives.

In addition, we work with people who choose their mentors based on the relationship they feel with that person.  No matter how good the tools are that the therapist is using, you must feel supported and safe in order to make lasting, positive changes.

We have seen that those who get the best results choose who to work with based on the best fit and then implement changes quickly and consistently.

Who will I/we be working with?

Depending on the support that is the right fit for you and availability, you will be working with one of our skilled therapists.

All are excellent therapists/coaches with extensive training and comparable styles, who connect with clients in similar ways.  You can read their bio’s here on our Staff page and get more information on their individual styles on our website.  Rest assured, you will be paired with the counselor who is the right fit for you.

If we sign up for couples counseling, do we come in together or separately?

For couples counseling services, you will come in together for the initial meeting and for all subsequent meetings.  In fact, any time you talk to, meet with, or email your therapist, all three of you (you, your partner, and your therapist) must be included.  This works beautifully on the initial phone call because it gives both partners a chance to get a feel for our style here at Couples Therapy Center.

As therapy progresses, you and your spouse will continue to talk to and meet with your therapist together.  This is essential because it ensures that you will always be on equal footing.  You won’t feel out of the loop because there will never be a time when your therapist speaks to your spouse without you there.  As a result of this, a sense of safety develops.  You come to know that your couples counselor is not here to collect information about you from your spouse.  Your therapist is not going to keep any secrets from you.  No matter what issues arise, you will have your counselor acting as a neutral third party and helping you and your spouse to navigate your way through tricky situations.  Ultimately, this arrangement helps transform your marriage into be a place where you can talk about anything with your partner.

What are your rates?

We offer several services at different price levels.  In order to determine which of our services is the right fit for you, first we’ll gather a little more information about your specific situation and what you need.  Once we talk about this on the initial phone call, we’ll be able to discuss fees with you directly.

There is another reason we don’t share our rates before we’ve spoken with you on the phone:  We don’t want clients who make the decision to work with a coach or therapist based solely on fee.  We want to work with people who choose their mentors based on the relationship they feel with them.

Many people shop around for the therapist that feels right for them.  We encourage this.  As you’re doing it, notice how you feel when you call up different providers.  Choose the one who makes you feel safe and comfortable, as well as taken care of – not the one with the cheapest rates.

Research has proven that no matter how good the tools are that the therapist is using, you must feel supported and safe in order to make lasting positive changes.  We have seen first-hand that those who get the best results choose who to work with based on the best fit and then implement changes quickly and consistently.  We want this for you!

Can I use my insurance?

That depends on the therapist you are working with and on the specifics of your insurance policy.  We can evaluate your insurance coverage and benefits prior to your first appointment so you know right from the start what you are eligible for.

For individual or couples counseling, our therapists are out of network with most insurance plans (and one of our therapists is in-network with Cigna).  This means that if your insurance policy offers out-of-network benefits for therapy and depending on which therapist you are working with, you may be able to submit your monthly statements to your insurer for partial reimbursement. Depending on your benefits package, you may have to meet a deductible and then insurance will pay you a percentage of the fee (often 50-90%).  You can call the number on your insurance card or take advantage of our free service in order to determine whether your plan offers out of network benefits for therapy.  If you do call your insurance, be sure to ask for your "family therapy" benefits because many plans do not cover couples counseling or marital therapy. Also, ask how much of your deductible has already been met this year.  Although we will be as helpful as possible, you will be responsible for submitting your own insurance forms.

You should also be aware that some clients choose not to use their health insurance for our services. There are many reasons for this, including privacy, the power to determine one’s own course of treatment, and protection from potential future discrimination by employers or insurers.  We want to protect you and do what is in your best interest.

When we have our initial phone call and recommend the service that is right for you, we will be happy to answer any remaining questions you may have.  We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you achieve the relationship you’ve always longed for!

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