What Makes Couples Therapy Center of NJ Different?

What Results Can I Expect and What Methods Do You Use at Couples Therapy Center of NJ?

What kind of people typically come to the Couples Therapy Center?

Our clients are individuals or couples who know the value of investing time and money into their own personal growth.  The people who come here are typically married (or want to marry) and have children (or want to have children) and are professionals, executives or entrepreneurs.  Here at the Couples Therapy Center, we handpick the people we accept as clients because we are looking for those who know that learning and growth are an important part of adulthood.  We only work with individuals and couples like yourself who are ready to make changes.  We don’t work with those people who complain and aren’t going to implement what they are learning here.  Our clients are people like you, who cannot tolerate living the way they are any longer and are ready to do what it takes to create healthier, happier relationships.  As a result of that, they meet their goals, get great results, feel loved by, and connected to those around them, and generally lead more joyful and fulfilling lives.

In addition, we work with people who choose their mentors based on the relationship they feel with that person.  No matter how good the tools are that the therapist is using, you must feel supported and safe in order to make lasting, positive changes.

We have seen that those who get the best results choose who to work with based on the best fit and then implement changes quickly and consistently.

Who will I/we be working with?

Depends on the type of service you choose. The Bi-Weekly Couples Group and the Weekend Couples Workshops are led by Meredith Keller, LPC. Online classes/seminars may have different presenters or be self-paced.

What is the benefit of group therapy/workshops vs. private therapy?

In a group therapy setting it is important for you to keep in mind all other couples attending share the common objective of enhancing their intimate relationship. Although a group setting does not offer the same level of privacy that one-on-one therapy with a counselor provides (for obvious reasons: in a group setting you will have multiple couples attending the same session), groups have their own unique advantages. Some of the benefits of attending a group include:

Group therapy shows you’re not alone

You can often find that despite different circumstances, others in your group may be struggling with similar emotions/problems. It can be healing to realize you are not alone and to find support and understanding in others.

Group therapy facilitates giving and receiving support

Giving and receiving support is so important for your overall health. In a group setting you will be able to do both! Giving support and sharing your unique experiences and learnings can boost your confidence, reinforce your victories and strengths (which often leads to renewed appreciation for yourself and for your relationship) and contribute to an overall feeling of goodness from helping someone else.

Receiving support, it goes without saying, can be so important during challenges. In a group setting, you have that mechanism built into the sessions!

Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways

In a group therapy setting, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice interacting with others, which can lead to an overall improvement in how you relate to others outside of therapy as well, including your partner and your children.

Group therapy gives you a voice

A group setting can help you develop and enhance both your self-awareness (ability to recognize your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors) and your self-knowledge (your own awareness of your personality, values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses). Both of these can be so empowering and are paramount to helping you build confidence to work towards positive changes in your life.

This is a space where there's no appropriate answer but to be yourself. It also allows you to experiment different ways of communicating.

Group therapy is incredibly cost-effective

Group sessions are much more cost effective than private therapy. Whereas a private therapy session with an experienced counselor can cost hundreds of dollars for an hour session, our group therapy session with the same experienced counselor costs only $75/couple. That is less than a third of our private session hourly rate. So you will still get the benefit of working with a professional, having the net benefit of a supportive community AND will have some money left over for a much-needed date night with your partner.

The power of group work is phenomenal in transforming yourself and your relationship. The idea of group therapy can be intimidating at first, but you will never be asked to share what you are not comfortable with. Our facilitator is an experienced couples counselor whose primary objective is to provide a safe learning environment where couples can find a supportive community and sounding board outside of their direct social circle as they work through situations in their own intimate relationships.


What are your rates?

We offer several services at different price levels.

In order to determine which of our services is the right fit for you, first we’ll gather a little more information about your specific situation and what you need.  First contact us and provide us with some basic information so we can better assist you in choosing the right level of service.

Please check each service's individual page to obtain the most up-to-date pricing:

Bi-Weekly Couples Group

Couples Weekend Workshop

Online Classes/Seminars

Many people shop around for the therapist and service that feels right for them.  We encourage this.  As you’re doing it, notice how you feel when you call up different providers.  Choose the one who makes you feel safe and comfortable, as well as taken care of – not the one with the cheapest rates.

Research has proven that no matter how good the tools are that the therapist is using, you must feel supported and safe in order to make lasting positive changes.  We have seen first-hand that those who get the best results choose who to work with based on the best fit and then implement changes quickly and consistently.  We want this for you!

Can I use my insurance?

We are out-of-network with all insurance companies.

For bi-weekly Couples Group counseling, you may be able to submit your monthly statements to your insurer for partial reimbursement. Depending on your out-of-network benefits package, you may have to meet a deductible and then insurance will reimburse you a percentage of the fee.  You can call the number on your insurance card to determine whether your plan offers out of network benefits for group therapy.

You should also be aware that some of our services are not eligible to insurance reimbursement at all, as they are only psychoeducational. Services that fall under that category are: Couples Weekend Workshops & Online Classes/Seminars.

We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you achieve the relationship you’ve always longed for!

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