Health and Marriage: How Caring For Your Body Can Enhance Your Relationship

Couple exercising togetherDo you find that you are often sleepy, exhausted, or just plain out of energy? Do you feel insecure about your body and uncomfortable about being naked in front of your partner? Do you wish that you and your partner shared an activity that would help you both improve your health AND give you a chance to talk and connect?

Your body needs care. This is a fact that you cannot ignore. People who do not care for their bodies properly often end up with illness, injury, or their body breaking down. We often put the things we “should” do to keep our bodies healthy last on our list of priorities. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and we have many other important things to tend to. But, for the sake of your health AND your relationship, it’s essential that you don’t ignore your body

Getting the exercise you need to stay healthy doesn’t have to feel like blood, sweat and tears. It doesn’t mean you have to lift weights in a sweaty gym or run your heart rate up so high that you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest – unless you like that – and there are people who do!

My guess is that all people who exercise long-term do so not just for the health benefits, but also because they enjoy it. That’s the key to making your workout a permanent part of your lifestyle: finding some way to move your body that you enjoy. What would make working out more fun for you? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a class to improve your skills or learn something new.
  • Is there a sport you like? Check out your recreation department or YMCA for adult teams/leagues.
  • Hire a personal trainer to work out with you both, together. (This can be a great source of shared laughter!)
  • Find a way to work out with your spouse. Reminisce about ways you used to exercise together when you first fell in love and find ways to do them again.
  • Think back to which healthy activities you loved to do as a kid and incorporate them into your routine.
  • If there’s a sport your kids compete in, look for ways you can get more involved.
  • Remember that sex is a form of exercise. Are you having the type and frequency of sex you most enjoy or is there a need to communicate with your partner to make it better?

When trying something new or just beginning a workout routine, start small. You want these healthy changes to last, so that they become an enjoyable part of your life, rather than a burden.

Being healthy can have many positive effects on your relationship such as:

  • feeling better about being naked together
  • being more sexually responsive
  • feeling more energetic and adventurous
  • spending time together playing, having fun, and talking
  • reduced medical expenses which leads to more money for saving and playing.

You’ll improve your health AND your relationship. Couples Therapy Center of NJ can help you discover new ways to get healthy together. We have resources for area fitness centers, physical trainers, nutrition experts, and medical weight loss centers. And, as always, we can help you improve your connection with one another as you incorporate this new activity into your lives.

To learn more about how we can help, schedule an appointment here at Couples Therapy Center. Call 908-246-3074, email

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