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We help both couples AND individuals to improve their relationships

Couples Therapy Center of New Jersey is a boutique practice using group and private sessions to assist couples and individuals with their intimate relationships. Due to our extensive training and experience, we do not accept insurance. We are currently accepting new patients using a combination of in-person and videoconferencing sessions. All online sessions are using the highest encryption software, are 100% HIPAA compliant and, we’ve found, are just as effective as in-person visits.

  • Are you ready to improve, strengthen and enhance your relationship?

  • Is your partner unwilling to come in with you, but you're willing to do whatever it takes and come in by yourself?

  • Or, are you currently single and don't want to make the same mistakes you've made in the past?

Couples Therapy Center of NJ


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Read What Clients Have Said About Us

Therapy was extremely helpful and insightful in my request for more money in a new position I just accepted. My therapist gave me the confidence to ask for more money while in the hiring process- a feat which I did not have enough confidence in myself or knowledge about how to ask for. She counseled me in the appropriate way in order for me to show my value to my new employer, ultimately showing him that I AM worth what I am asking for. I can’t thank her enough and I want others to know how helpful she was to me. Now I have the power and experience to ask for what I want in life- something that I had always struggled with in the past!

Allison K.
Chapel Hill, NC

Being in couples therapy with you has changed our relationship. We’ve learned so many skills and we have more insight into our partner and ourselves. You’ve also provided a calm place for us to work on our biggest issues. It’s been hard work at times and it’s been well worth it.

Before working with you, we would argue bitterly. I would make a snide remark to Tanya and the next thing we know, we’re in a big fight. Or, Tanya would spend extra time working and I’d get very upset because she was avoiding me. I tried everything to get her to open up but nothing worked. I even would push her hot buttons just to get a reaction. That worked to get a reaction, but left us feeling distant from each other. She tried everything to avoid triggering my anger but nothing worked. We were locked in conflict.

Through our work in therapy with you, we each learned more about ourselves. For me, I am noticing when I feel upset and now am choosing not to react to it. Instead of focusing on my wife and what she’s doing, I’m focusing on myself and what I need when I’m upset. When I do this, I can then go about getting what I need in a healthy way – like asking for it calmly. I’m staying neutral and even-keeled. For my wife, she is more interested in being with me and, in turn, she’s more proactive such as planning a date night. Because I’m calmer, it’s made it safer for her to communicate more. Because I’m more even tempered, it’s made her WANT to do things I ask of her. We are excited to be going away on a vacation, together! These are things we’ve longed for and they’re finally coming true.

Thank you!

John & Tanya
Iselin, NJ

Through our work together, I’ve learned to take a deep breath, calmly step back, and think things through before reacting. I find that I can now understand the other person’s point of view. I can also deal with my parent’s issues in a better way. I no longer let it affect me negatively the way it used to. In addition, I find that I am choosing healthier relationships and can actually have arguments calmly and rationally. You taught me to have more insight into others than I did before and I don’t take the bait or let myself get goaded into arguments as often. Instead of feeling angry, wronged, and attacked, I have learned how to stop conversations where I feel criticized and find out where it’s coming from. Without our work together, these changes would not have happened.

Thank you!

Monica M.
Princeton, NJ

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