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Being a strong (and caring) male is difficult work.  This series will focus on men finding the balance between asserting their preferences and being in intimate relationships.  It’s ideal for men who are successful professionally and in other area but who often feel confused and frustrated in their primary partnership.  If you’re a guy who…

feels a need to watch for your partner’s reaction when you want to state your mind, or

finds yourself bracing for your wife’s intense emotion, or

carefully chooses what to say so as not to elicit strong feelings in others, or

once you’ve hit your breaking point, yells what you really think because you can’t take it any longer, or

feels resentment that others seem to get what they want and need, why not you?

…this group is for you.


You will learn, practice and sharpen the following skills:

  • Assertiveness (not passivity or aggression)
  • Developing a strong sense of self (liking yourself just as you are)
  • Stepping into your leadership potential (provide for, protect, and guide those you love)
  • Improving your sex life
  • Embracing your masculinity and unique talents
  • Working through conflict and differences of opinion
  • Differentiate being caring from being a chronic problem-solver
  • Form meaningful relationships with other men

This eight-session program will help you deepen your understanding of your challenges, come to know and be supported by other men who are in similar situations, and find solutions.


Classroom-style lectures and videos, combined with group discussion. 2 sessions will be in person.


Every Monday starting on January 22nd 2024 through Monday, March 18th 2024. (Group will not meet on Monday, February 5th 2024).



7-8:15 pm (Each session is 75 minutes long)


$70 per meeting. The commitment is for 8 meetings total ($560).


6 live, interactive webinar via Microsoft Teams (no subscription necessary) & 2 in-person sessions in the Basking Ridge office (233 Mt. Airy Road, Suite 100, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920).


This course is psychoeducational. It is not therapy and is not reimbursable by insurance. It will be facilitated by Meredith Keller, MA.


Here’s what men who have been in my groups before have said about the experience:
"Digesting and understanding why I avoid conflict has been on my mind lately and this section certainly helped me confront this trait in myself."
"The ability to share and the vulnerability of the men has been refreshing."
"It is valuable to share experiences with other guys that are similar to me in the…traits. While we come from different experiences, we are able to relate to each other."


Meredith M. Keller, LPC, ACS -- NJ License # 37PC00325600

Director of the Couples Therapy Center of New Jersey – Basking Ridge NJ.  Board-certified Counselor; Approved Gottman Seven Principles Program Presenter, Approved Clinical Supervisor, EMDR Level 1&2 trained, Imago Certified.  Other clinical staff member(s) may facilitate or observe occasionally.

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Coming Winter of 2024! To register, email us at or call us at 908-246-3074, EXT 1 to schedule a pre-group interview.

CONFIDENTIALITY Members are expected to keep the identities of the other members and the content discussed in group completely private and confidential.

This workshop is educational, meaning that it was designed to serve as teaching and guidance, and is not therapy.  Presenter(s) will be available to assist with class exercises, not to conduct therapy.

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