The Professional Single

Our most recent blog highlighted the professional couple. Another type of client that gets A LOT from working with us is the professional ‘single’’.  Perhaps you see yourself in the professional ‘single’…

-A successful professional/leader in their company or a proud business owner

-In a dating relationship and starting to notice small issues (such as how the partner handles one’s kids or where to spend holidays)

-Perhaps you are noticing frustration or anxiety (or that past issues are being triggered) causing increasing conflict in your current relationship.

Because you’re a professional, you tend to like a structured approach to therapy – processes where you can learn and implement interpersonal skills. You also like the way the therapy process helps with gaining insight into yourself. From working with us, you learn how to be in a healthier partnership (and effective skills around the complicated dynamics of interacting with the other’s child(ren)).  You can work on resolving past issues, so you no longer get triggered and come to intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle you. As a result, the relationship improves even when the partner never joins therapy, because one person is learning and growing.

If you can relate to some of the struggles of these types of clients, or are interested in achieving some of these results, email us at , or call us at (908) 246-3074 to schedule an appointment.  Don’t fit these descriptions exactly, that’s fine.  We do a phone chat prior to scheduling to determine how we can be of service.


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