The Professional Couple

Have you ever wondered: Will therapy work for me?  Can our issues be helped with counseling?  We’re going to focus on two types of clients who get A LOT out of working with us: the professional couple and the professional ‘single’.

Do you see yourself in the professional couple?

-One or both of you have a strong career(s)

-Your children are high achievers

-Your active with friends, neighbors or at their club

-You have a beautiful home

-Things look ‘perfect’ from the outside, but behind closed doors there is tension or distance

Perhaps others see you as “having it all”, with work success, a lot of friends, nice vacations and wonderful children.  But behind closed doors tend to be a different story.  As a couple, you are distant from one another, constantly arguing or alternating between the two.  Maybe you’ve thought about divorce or developed a “too close” relationship with another person. Perhaps one or both of you lay awake with anxiety.  You wonder why, if you have ‘everything’, are you still unhappy?

Very often, you may begin to realize that while you’ve  have been putting a lot of time and effort into other things- careers,  families or even your social lives-you have stopped making your relationship a priority. The distance that’s evolved between you and your partner wasn’t intentional.  You did love one another very much at one time and maybe one or both can still feel that love between you from time to time.

In working with us, you will learn to resolve differences in a healthy way, to renew love and intimacy, and to enjoy each other’s company once again. The result is a relationship with more connection, more and better sex, and a deeper, stronger friendship. Equally important, if you have children, they are now growing up in a happier, healthier home.

If you can relate to some of the struggles of these types of clients, or are interested in achieving some of these results, email us at , or call us at (908) 246-3074 to schedule an appointment.  Don’t fit these descriptions exactly, that’s fine.  We do a phone chat prior to scheduling to determine how we can be of service.


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