Sexual Connection

5 ‘Gears’ of Touch

When most couples in long-term relationships think of affection, they think of either a quick kiss on the cheek (non-sexual) or full-blown intercourse. As you’ve heard me talk it about before: they fall into the trap of thinking sex = intercourse. “This (thinking) results in lower levels of both affection and intercourse” according to sex […]

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3 Most Common Myths about Long-term Relationships and Sex

There is plenty of misinformation about couples’ sexual relationships online.  It’s troubling because: a) searching for answers to questions online is SO easy; b) it can be difficult to know if you’ve found reliable and valid information that’s based on work done by experts; and c) you will come across worst case scenarios.  And there’s

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3 Most Common Myths about Females and Sex

When you think of how sex is portrayed on TV and in movies and porn, it’s pretty unrealistic.  Most of these (heterosexual) participants are thin, attractive, young and unmarried (to each other, at least).  Only recently married couples have been portrayed having sex.  This sets us up to believe we should have a certain body

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